Beauty influencers reveal all: What Makes Magnetic Eyelashes The Only Choice

“She can get whatever she wants, by just batting her eyelashes”. Who is she? She is a quintessential pretty girl with long eyelashes that make her look like a million dollar; and which person, regardless of the gender, has been able to resist a beautiful woman with magnetic eyelashes to kill for? Yes, men lust for her and women give her those envious looks…

So, do you want to be one of those revered women who, with the power of their beauty, can make anyone dance on their pinky fingers? The kind of woman who knows that she can spell magic on men and elicit wishful sighs from other women. Decide, will you? Do you want to one of those?

It is said that eyes are the most powerful feature of a woman’s physical appearance and a woman with beautiful eyes can win the world. Which is why, probably, there has been a makeup revolution of sorts and the makeup industry has been jolted out of age-old reverie into the modern and real world of magnetic eyelashes.

So what are these, magnetic eyelashes, that is?

It would be stupid to ask if you know ‘what are false eyelashes?’, so will let it pass. Magnetic eyelashes are false eyelashes, but a tad different than the typical false eyelashes. They are made up of synthetic silk that is completely cruelty-free—- absolutely NO harm done to any living being—birds or animals. So, you can wear them feeling good about that too. They come in one standard size that can be shaped to fit on to an eye.

How to use them?

‘Magnetic’– the word itself suggests that there is something to do with magnets in the eyelashes. The older false eyelashes required glue to stick them on, these have inbuilt magnets that stick together on the application. Magnetic eyelashes have two strips- one is to be pasted under the top eyelash and the other on top of the top eyelash. Now, where does a magnet come in all this?

Hang on, ladies, have patience. There are magnets all over the two lashes, the moment they are put together, the magnets attract each other and bang—the magnetic eyelashes are in place. Now which is the top eyelash and which is the bottom one? Why? Girls! It’s not rocket science. The bottom eyelash has a dot so that you remember that it is the lower lash.

What makes them so popular?

Well, what makes the magnetic eyelashes so popular is the ease with which they can be put on. If you have ever tried false eyelashes, you would know how messy they can be. The entire process of putting them on with the glue and then removing the eyelashes and the glue. The whole thing sounds so unpalatable, doesn’t it?

The second thing that makes eyelashes with magnets so alluring is that they can be reused. You needn’t throw them away—just keep them clean and safe and they could last you forever. Thirdly, they are comparatively low maintenance and hassle-free.

How did they evolve?

As per Eurostaff, the cosmetic industry has an estimated annual turnover of US$170 billion. It is any wonder then that every day, the cosmetic industry comes up with new and better products that challenge the already existing ones. Makeup Revolution is the in thing—and it is this that gave birth to the first generation of magnetic eyelashes. The initial ones had two magnets, one on the top lash and the other on the bottom lash. Like all the newly launched products, the first pack of magnetic eyelashes were upscale and expensive, definitely not meant for the working class– there were brands that sold for around $70.

Then Glow, the cosmetic, company came up with the magnetic eyelashes that were offered at $0 + SHIPPING. Amazing, isn’t it? Huge difference between $70 and only shipping cost—within the reach of the working class of women; within the reach of women to whom makeup means business.

Another thing different now is that instead of two magnets, like the initial ones that had a magnet on the top eyelash and the bottom one too, the new lashes have many very small magnets, which are fixed from end to end. This new technology has ensured that the lashes stick on and do not come out from the center.

Are they user-friendly?

Are the magnetic lashes user-friendly? You bet, they are! The best thing is that like the traditional false eyelashes, these ones also come in a number of styles that are meant for different events. Check out for yourself what makes these new age eyelashes so user-friendly.

  • They can be used again and again. In fact, some of the manufacturers have even claimed that if you take proper care of them, these magnetic eyelashes can last you forever.
  • The application procedure is a child’s play. Really! As mentioned above, just put one eyelash on the top of your natural eyelash and one on the bottom and that’s it. The magnets will stick together and you’re good to go…
  • There are a variety of magnetic eyelashes that you can choose from.

Here are a variety of eyelashes that you can take your pick from.

Lightweight, handmade magnetic eyelashes

So, these are made by hand. The product used to make these eyelashes is synthetic silk. These are then embedded with very thin magnets, which is the reason for their being feather-light weight. In order to ensure that they cover the whole eye, they are made 30mm long. When worn, they give a very natural look to the wearer.

What more do you want?

Adjustable to all shapes and sizes

So, what if they don’t fit your eye? No such thing, girls. These eyelashes are made in such a way that you can trim them to suit the length of your eye. This is what you do while putting the eyelashes on, just snip of the extra part. No, they’ll never be smaller as they are made in a way that they will always belong, that is 30 mm.

Eyelashes with applicator

Eyelashes with applicator

Everyone wants to look glamorous and at the same time natural. That’s the plus point of the magnetic eyelashes, that is, that they give you a natural look. If you’re meeting someone for the first time, the person will not even know that the beautiful long lashes, he’s admiring are not yours. Actually, it’s the applicator that comes with the magnetic eyelashes that makes them so easy to stick on and also makes them look natural.

Dramatic or natural

It is for you to decide, what do you want to look- glamorous or every day beautiful? If you are going out for a night party or a date, just wear the dramatic magnetic eyelash and you’ll have eyes that’ll speak volumes. Dramatic eyelashes will increase your glamor quotient to a top high.

Now if you want the natural thick eyelash look, that’s also possible. Wear the natural magnetic eyelash. Your look will not be dramatic, but you will look pretty and picture perfect.

Should you go for it?

Well, why not? Don’t you want to look drop dead gorgeous? You do! Magnetic eyelashes are your answer for that mesmerizing appearance, you’ve been dying to acquire. Yes, whether you want your bored hubby to toe the line again, or you want your wandering boyfriend to finally find his home with you or you simply want to feel like the woman in power, go ahead put your war paint on— and hey- hey, remember to wear your magnetic eyelashes because that’s where the magic lies.

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